Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beauty and the Boy

Beauty and the Boy.

He left on December 14, 2010, driven away from the Navy Recruit Center on 71st and Memorial in a long white van that seemed to have one of my heartstrings caught in its wheel. As it drove out of sight, I felt unraveled. I'm holding a United States flag in one hand and all my hopes and dreams for my son in the other... Wait....did I tell you how proud we are of you? Did I tell you I will keep praying for you every day? and that we will always always be here for you? Through the chaotic ramblings, I clearly see a video run through my mind of Kif leaving for kindergarten. As he and I waited on the bus to come into view, he recited his address and phone number. Then he looked up at me and squinted through the bright fall sunshine, "Mom, promise you will never move.." Wondering what was going through his blond little head, I asked, "why?" "Because I won't know your phone number!" he responded with wet eyes.

As our family and a few friends stood on the sidewalk numbly trying to comfort ourselves and go on about our Tuesday, everything in me was screaming, "Bring him back!!!! I forgot to tell him to be respectful and kind, and to shine for Jesus!" In an effort to make it all better, I had taken his 3 sisters out of school for the send off and then booked us hair dos. What exactly does that do for me? Remind me that life will go on? My roots will continue to grow out and I will keep looking for that perfect cut that makes my hair look thick, sexy and luscious and feel like silk and smell like lavender.

It is now Easter Eve, March 30, 2013.  I received a  short sweet text today from him at his home the past 2 1/2 years in San Diego saying, "hi momma."    Life has gone on .. My heart is knit back together with a few nubbys and  occasional loose ends sticking straight out randomly tickling my chest wall, slightly unnerving, but delicious memories make it ok.      At times  I try to stick the unraveled strays back where they belong with a longer prayer that night or by soaking in the tub till it grows cold.
The boy has gone on and the beauty has too.  They made a sweet picture at his Boot Camp graduation in Chicago and grew up a little more from knowing each other.  They left each other with more beauty than they had before they began.....a successful relationship I would say.

Im thankful today for the text from my son, and  that he remembers my number .  Im so thankful for God who also has my number.  He knew I would be a mess and need a Messiah, so He sent His precious son Jesus to the cross.  Happy Easter to all of you.  ps, He has  your number and will wait for your text or call.

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